Considered by many to be “Seattle’s Apartment,” Renton was once an example of Sixth World suburbia run amok. Compared to other districts such as Downtown, Tacoma, or even Redmond and the Ork Underground, Renton is almost forgettable by comparison. Simply put, Renton is the place that nice wageslaves or other working-class drones looked to as an example of making it.

Renton isn’t where business is done, it’s the place where the nice, “good” people of Seattle call home and retire to when the working day is done. It’s where families live and (try to) play in a nice wholesome, neo-WASPey, family values state of domestic bliss. Or at least that’s the sales pitch.

Renton has an abundance of nice housing along with enough shopping and entertainment to keep residents satisfied. Throw in some green hills, lakes, and rivers for good measure, and it’s little wonder why so many people want to live here. Too bad it has an undercurrent of anti-metahuman racism just below that wonderful middle-class façade, along with a few nasty local criminal elements.



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