Redmond, where Seattle dreams come to die. Nothing thrives here. It’s infertile. Unproductive. Toxic. That’s why they call ‘em Barrens.

Once upon a time, Redmond was shiny. It was Seattle’s new tech district, full of innovators and their money. But now, Redmond is like a perverse dreamcatcher, capturing and distilling the nightmares of the entire Seattle sprawl. After the tech crash of ’29, Redmond lost everything. Eighty percent of its industry tanked overnight, along with its government. Everyone with means bolted.

With no authorities to stop them, those who were left behind turned to rioting, looting, and every other form of lawlessness. The abandoned businesses and homes were irresistible to the addicted, destitute, and criminal from all over the sprawl, so while the rest of Seattle was getting cleaned up, Redmond was collecting society’s detritus.

Even the “safe” areas of Redmond are more socially diseased than the worst parts of Seattle proper. Redmond is broken up into fiefdoms, separated by wastelands of decaying technology. Tribes of gangs, acting like warlords, each control their own slice of hell. What used to be high-density areas became the most sought-after real estate. The corp buildings and assets that remain are fortified with strong walls and heavy artillery. Most of the time, mercs or local gangers play security. Utilities like water, trash, sewage, and electricity don’t function; anyone with those luxuries has jury-rigged their place to get them.

Hope is the rarest thing in Redmond, and that’s good, because hope gets you killed. Makes you think about tomorrow. Distracts you from surviving right now. And that’s all that’s left in the Barrens—survival.



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