Hell’s Kitchen
Puyallup City

People only come to Puyallup to hide, or because they have no other choices left.

The district is home to the indigent and the exiled. In particular, it sees a fair number of “immigrants” from Tir Tairngire, mostly elven exiles from “the Land of Promise” or young elves who think Seattle is an exciting and happening place where you can rock out, be different, and not have to conform to the complex customs of somebody’s idea of fairyland.

All true, but they usually don’t know about the harsh and grimy realities until they show up here with nothing but some cred in their pockets and a dream of a different life. A lot of those dreams wash up in Puyallup, same with some of the kids who come from the NAN, California, and even further away.

The tourists only come to Puyallup to see the spectacular lava fields, or maybe to slum in some of the nightspots, but even then they usually travel in armored helicopters and limos, and they don’t linger.



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