Outremer isn’t one place—it’s the name given to the five major islands in the Puget
Sound that are still considered part of the Seattle Metroplex. All of them are actually easier to reach from Salish-Shidhe lands, while two are linked by bridges.

From north to south the islands are Bainbridge, Vashon, Fox, McNeil, and Anderson. All five together are considered a single district, but no one ever really cares because Bainbridge runs the show thanks to their overwhelming population advantage and the unfair rules of democracy. Also, no one cares because anyone who calls the islands home would prefer their islands to have nothing to do with anything involving Metroplex politics. Even the politicians. This “outremer” attitude is the closest thing to a single connective principle for the islands.

The islands saw extensive growth during the beginnings of the metroplex after the United States was shattered. Refugees poured into Seattle and many were sent to the islands, assigned to government development teams, and set to build them up. The process gave them something to do, though their lack of skill meant it wasn’t done well, and their lack of money meant a failure in the local economy. The islands were too far and expensive to commute from for the refugees and while the construction was shoddy the distance attracted the rich and pushed the cost of living out of reach. Each island reacted a bit differently, as they grew much of their identities after this point.



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