Fort Lewis


Far from the hustle and bustle of the central metroplex districts stand the evergreen forests of Fort Lewis. Rather ironic, then, that this tranquil stretch of natural greenery belongs to a UCAS military reservation, home to the Fort Lewis military base and McChord Air Force Base. The district is a broad expanse of forest and marshland reaching up to Puget Sound.

Although primarily geared toward the needs of soldiers and their families living in the district, Fort Lewis does offer a range of shopping and dining options, as well as accommodations for visitors. Tourists may prefer to stay in neighboring Tacoma or one of the other districts of the metroplex, making Fort Lewis a day-trip on your travels.

Most buildings and developments are concentrated around the main military reservation, which lies adjacent to both sides of Intercity 5. They include post headquarters, post exchanges and commissaries, and housing areas on the southern side of I-5. The majority of the residential areas, housing for soldiers and officers with spouses and families, lies on the western side of the post. North of I-5 is called North Fort and is primarily occupied by the UCAS Army Pacific Command and Joint Task Force Seattle.

In the middle of this military state in miniature is one of the most popular family destinations in the sprawl, the Fort Lewis Zoological Gardens, with some of the most spectacular critters to be held in captivity on display in stunning replicas of their natural habitats. Of course, behind the scenes of the zoo, researchers are looking into how to tap into, alter, or even enhance the powers of the critters kept there, which means the friendliest part of Fort Lewis is also the one with perhaps the best odds of killing us all.


Fort Lewis

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