Current Events


Today’s Date: Friday, November 1st, 2080

  • Friday, January 12th: The group ran contraband from SSC to Seattle for the Ancients, with a little sideshow.
  • Saturday, January 13th: Ada Johnson contacted Gex in the early morning about a little job that needs to be done. The meet to discuss is at 7 pm tonight, at The Rubber Suit.
  • Friday, February 23rd, 2080: Matoskah Parker hires the group to find out where some Blood Mountain Boys have stashed his stolen goods.
  • Monday, February 26th: The group is hired to steal 10 tons of chocolate from Austrafarm.
  • Friday, March 1st: The group is hired by the fixer Romeo to perform some jobs related to the Seattle Imdependence Conference throughout the week until the finale of the conference on 3/8/80.
  • Thursday, March 7th: The Dragon Urubia goes on a rampage through central Redmond. Rumors abound as to a missing egg.
  • 3/12/80-3/14/80Fred Gillin hires the team to recover a Salish artifact.
  • Friday, May 17th: Several members of Humanis Policlub are found severely beaten in Aurora. There were no witnesses. The men are heard mentioning a “buncha dandelion eater whores” by Knight Errant officers.
  • 5/19/80 Ada Johnson hires the team to steal some sensitive demographics info from Horizon mobile data centers around Redmond.
  • 5/23/80 the Charles Royal Station snafu, and hot water with the Seattle Vory.
  • 5/28/80 The team helps Anwen break C.C. out of a Tir prison.
  • 5/31/80 The team recovers some SOTA cyber for Anya.
  • 8/9/80 GreenWar plot to release crazed griffin in downtown Seattle foiled by the team.
  • 8/10/80 Seattle’s own HezNation releases their months-awaited debut album entitled Kukra’theron or B@kun N’ Sl@v3z, Soul-Dead Side Up – How the Underground Was Lost
  • 8/10/80 July rescued from Chicago.
  • 8/12/80 The team completes an extraction in Detroit; Anya is killed in a car bombing.
  • 9/1/80 The team completes a Trans-Siberian rescue of an American political prisoner, and catches quite a haul in the illegal sale of a captured Russian fighter jet. They take a much-needed break for a couple of months, after settling some issues with the Vory with the help of a newfound shadow ally.
  • 9/10/80 (During the team’s break) Ares moves its headquarters to Atlanta, GA, CAS
  • 9/12/80 (During the team’s break) The UCAS declares the Business Recognition Accords null and void within all UCAS territories and protectorates.
  • 10/31/80 (During the team’s break) HezNation hosts a bangin’ rave that is the talk of Seattle for months to come. Urubia is seen there.
  • 11/01/80 Romeo calls up Bobcat to begin the setup of an extraction. Slice of HezNation has been secretly taken by Horizon employees in an effort to force HezNation’s hand on signing a corporate contract, and is being held in an undisclosed location in Montreal…


Current Events

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