Council Island


With the signing of the First Treaty of Denver, the greater Seattle metroplex was retained as American territory, serving as the largest non-native reservation in North America, while Mercer Island was ceded to the Salish-Shidhe Council to serve as an ambassadorial residence and a general touchstone with other native nations.

The Salish razed the modern buildings and stripped the roadways, spending over a decade restoring the land to a natural state while embedding power, water, and Matrix nodes well out of sight. Under the leadership of first Chief Jon Moses, then Chief James Grey Bear, the Salish ambassador to Seattle for decades, Council Island was turned into one of the prettiest areas of Seattle while also serving in a diplomatic capacity.

The death of Grey Bear just before the negotiations for the third Treaty of Denver was devastating as his seasoned experience as a negotiator was missed and talks eventually collapsed. As Denver has retreated, Council Island has stepped up, and now stands as the primary ambassadorial region for the NAN. The island is still adapting to this new status, and new buildings are springing up rapidly.


Council Island

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