If Downtown is where the rich and powerful go to party, then Bellevue is where they sleep at night, tucked away in tailored micro-arcologies and shuffled around the city in luxury APCs. “The Belle,” as it is known by locals, sits between Lakes Washington and Sammamish, flanked by Redmond, Renton, and Snomohish. Downtown is across Lake Washington, Council Island is in it.

Bellevue boasts rolling green hills, lakes, and million-dollar views of Downtown. The area is speckled with gated communities that are arcologies in everything but name. Several offer domes and purified air shipped in from the Canadian wilds. This style of living comes with a high price tag, and even if you have the money you also need to have the social capital to jump to the front of the waiting list.

Still, not everyone in Bellevue is white-collar wealthy. Virtually all of the population is corporate affiliated; yet sixteen percent of the people still live below the poverty level, most of whom are not affiliated with the corps. These are the workers that keep Bellevue running while living in a society entirely separate from their upper-echelon counterparts. The two sides rarely meet, but when they do it is usually back-alley affairs, black-market deals, or rich kids trying to play gutterpunk.



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