Corporate Court Ranking (2080): 4
Corporate Slogan: “For a Better Tomorrow”
Corporate Status: AAA, private corporation
World Headquarters: Tenochtitlàn, Aztlan
CEO/President: Flavia de la Rosa

Some corporations run cities. Aztechnology owns a country. The corporation evolved from a collaboration of drug cartel leaders who were treated like folk heroes in their hometowns. Grandmothers prayed for their safety. Now they pray for the life of Flavia de la Rosa.

Aztechnology is a way of life. When the company’s beliefs shift, the beliefs of a nation shift with it. This folk-hero mythos makes Aztechnology extremely dangerous on their home turf. Outside of Azzie-land, the company works to build that type of public support with the people and cities with which it interacts. Yet, behind the façade, Aztechnology is dedicated to two things: growing its brand and expanding its land.

Subsidiaries: Austrafarm (Agribusiness), CEI (Heavy Industry/Mining), Energia Viva (Energy), Maritech Enterprises (Aquaculture), Nature-Taste (Consumer Goods/Foodstuffs), Pemex (Oil/Chemicals), Productos Cultivatos (Agribusiness), Carlsberg-Heineken (Foodstuffs/Liquor), Líder (Megamarts), Natural Vat Technologies (Consumer Goods/Foodstuffs), Stuffer Shack (Convenience Store chain), Trés Chic Cosmetics (Cosmetics), Optical Dreams (Matrix/Simtech), Microtrónica Azteca (Matrix/ Hardware), DhakaSoft (Matrix/Software), ComPac (Matrix/Software), Channel 12 (Media/Trid Network), Televisa (Media/Trideo & Simsense Producer), BANCOMEX (Banking/Finance), Corporación Clínica (Hospital Management), Cuerpos Radicales (Health Care/Clinics), Genetique (Biotech/Genetech), Medicarro (Medical Service Provider), Embraer (Aircraft/Miltech), Marine Technologies (Naval), Soluciones Orbitales Integradas (Aerospace), Mystics and Magicks (Arcane Service Provider), Pyramid Arcane Supplies (Magical Goods), Armamentos Murreta (Personal Armament), Dassault (Miltech/Aerospace), Esprit (Miltech/Armament), Hawker-Siddley (Aerospace/Drones), Air Montezuma (Airline), Free Transit Cartage (Shipping), Seguridad Primero (Insurance/Emergency Service Provider), Aztech Shuttle Service (Urban Transport)



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