Stuck’s Carnival

The first thing people talk about when they get close to Auburn is the hum. The sound, like the famous Taos hum, seems to come from everywhere at once; a low frequency buzz that can only be the result of 363 square kilometers of industrial equipment churning twenty-four hours a day.

The people who live here put up with it, because that is who they are—survivors. They are the blue-collar wageslaves who keep the gears of Seattle spinning. This mentality results in a community that is extremely insular, preferring to take care of its own problems. Those problems are plentiful, including a budding race war and a Mafia family trying desperately to hold on to its claim.

On the bright side, real-estate prices here are excellent, which is why a handful of tech start-ups chose to make Auburn the new Silicon Valley. New capital and new attitudes have not gone well with the locals, leading to a cultural separation that mirrors the age-old separation of haves and have nots



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