Runner Total Karma Current Karma
Abraham 100 -
Gex 101 -
Malvain 97 -
Wakiya 103 -
Dot 103 -

Cash For Karma

By redistributing the wealth, a runner can gain additional Karma. By donating funds, a ‘runner may trade 2,000 nuyen for 1 karma, up to 10,000 nuyen for 5 karma per run. This takes 1 week of downtime.

Karma For Cash

If a ‘runner is more concerned with earning a big paycheck, they may trade Karma earned on a run for cash. By concentrating on their earnings, a ‘runner may trade 1 karma for 2,000 nuyen, up to 5 karma for 10,000 nuyen per run. It takes 1 week of downtime.



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