Escalating Violence In Detroit...

This Just In: 8/12/80

Details are spotty at this point, but we understand that Detroit has gone dark. All Matrix access is restricted, and communication in and out of the city have been interrupted. Something is going on, we just aren’t sure what yet.

Two days ago, there was some talk about Ares patrolling the streets of Detroit, with full Firewatch support initiated. Our sources say that on 8/10/80, at 0343 Eastern time, UCAS Army III Corps from bases along the East Coast were issued deployment orders and were headed for Detroit.

These same sources say that in less than twenty hours, the same UCAS Army III Corps had been mustered twenty klicks outside of the Pennsylvania border were to converge on Detroit, but all communication from these forces were mysteriously lost. DeeCee will neither confirm or deny our source’s information.

Our source tells us that the entire Corps has… disappeared without a trace.

What this means for Detroit, and what exactly is going on there right now, remains uncertain.

In four hours, our Man on the Ground, Jim Tipton, will report live from Detroit.

I, like our viewers, am hanging on his report on these developments.


> Flapjack Fred: The aliens are here. And they are pissed off!

Escalating Violence In Detroit...
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