Monday, July 12th 2080

She slid across the plasticrete towards her car. It was a nice little classic, a Saab Dynamit from the 60s. She’d spent a good bit of money to fix it up, and the guy she was about to call had helped to contribute to those funds. Hell, it was practically brand new, now.

She flicked up her commlink haptically with a twitch of her eyelid through her cyberyes, and it dialed the commcode she needed.

It went straight to leaving a message. Damn, he must be busy.

“Gex, this is Anya. I’ve got a job that needs doing and I thought of you as soon as it dropped on my lap,” she said as she reached for the Dynamit’s door.

The Dynamit exploded violently as the door opened, sending shards of composite fiber skittering across the plasticrete as the fireball rose into the sky. What was left of Anya’s body hit the ground twenty meters away, still smoking.


Ohhh no !!!!!

Dropbeartots Dropbeartots

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